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It is astounding that a single house with a acre yard in the suburbs will cut their lawn about 30 times per year. Over a period of one year that simple task will produce almost 400 lbs of air pollutants; which is equivalent to driving an automobile 12000 miles. Now imagine how many houses and acres are cut on any given day, and then add the parks, shopping centers and office building and I think you will agree that lawn mowing is irresponsibly creating pollutants in the name of aesthetic, a green lawn. Now add the negative impact of fertilizer and pesticides that are being over used and wasted water to keep these lawns green and growing and it soon becomes apparent that there is a sustainability issue with lawns.

Enviro-Mow, LLC was created by this need for sustainability. It is apparent that people in the United States will not give up their lawns to benefit the environment and many people actually feel their lawn is a benefit to the environment, and it can if responsibly maintained. With no easy solution to maintain a large lawn, community park, office complex or retail spaces due to limited technology, limited run time, expensive batteries and the inability to recharge batteries while on the job, or physical over exertion an idea was born to create a complete system; hence we now have Enviro-Mow, LLC.

Our patent pending trailers and renewable energy charging systems have been coupled with newly developed, commercially available propane equipment and battery powered lawn care equipment and hand tools to create a one-of-a-kind system, which drastically reduces noise pollution and significantly reduces air pollution by 50%-60% and eliminates fuel spills. This equipment is complimented by proven service techniques, organic products and critical timing factors to also reduce/replace pesticides and reduce water needs. This ultimately means that people can still have a beautiful green lawn while minimally impacting the environment and actual get the environmental benefits of the growing grass.

If you have a question or a comment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want you to be a satisfied customer and will do what we can to prove ourselves.


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